Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall

Escape from the underground!

Took you guys long enough...

Adventure Log

6 Hour session

  • After a long arduous journey the group finally found a place that they could truly rest their feet for a little while (I mean they had been inside the enemy’s base of operations for nearly a week now without results and there were more pertinent matters to attend to… cough the mayor cough
  • But the party had their fun, and as they pressed on to look for the mayor they found themselves in his meeting room and were ambushed by more of those foul creatures that seemed to love to attack them, yes it was more creepers
  • After dealing with the pests and heading into what appeared to be the mayor’s hideaway they looted his room and found a spiraling staircase hidden behind his large decorative curtain
  • Reaching the top of the staircase they were met with a device that hindered their progression after a brief pause (and some third degree burns) they managed to press on and found themselves emerging from a fountain!
  • After some strange looks and harsh words from a fountain worker they made off into town, the mayor still eluding their grasp they left in search of their quarry


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