Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall

Last time!

On Kingdoms of Mysmall!

Adventure Log Catch up

  • We left of our “heroes” who at this point were forced to follow the instruction of Kiasoart the assistant of Etterthall the powerful blue dragon on a quest to find pieces of a sword so they might free their friend and ally Merv from the clutches of a demon’s curse.
  • The party fanned out when they reached Barid with the only instructions from their guide being to seek out the Mayor, as he was last seen with a leather scabbard linked with the properties of the sword hilt
  • Some planned meetings with the mayor in order to directly confront him about the issue, while others found themselves with ‘ways to entertain themselves’ (Spurring the myth that the animal was spotted in Barid)
  • The group became a little sidetracked but were reunited in purpose when the outcast of their group a brawler that had joined them in their quest earlier appeared and started beating up on the eldest of their group, Jim
  • Not wanting to have any of that they quickly pinned down and ended the drunk brawler’s life
  • spinning a quick tale the group explained that the man had a bounty on his head and they left the tavern
  • A small group went to dispose of the body while the circle table kids headed for the mayors house in the hopes of digging up where the scabbard might be
  • Both groups ran into minor troubles as the mayor’s mansion caught fire and the group disposing of the dead body ended up creating a few more on their way to the mayor’s residence
  • As the flames licked the night sky and a cry went out proclaiming that “The Animal” was loose in Barid, and we are left wonding what will happen today in… the Kingdoms of Mysmall!


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