Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall

Notes about the campaign

Watch out for bonus xp out the arse :3

Hey just so you guys know, there will be a large adventure log to recap when you meet a major crossroads in the storyline, during which I will recap everything that has happened along with the number of quests/opportunities you capitalized on along with those you missed out on. Passing out XP to characters that completed certain quests or facilitated major roles in events. (There might be MVP votes for this when it comes around to it)

These overviews will be posted in the Campaign Chapter Overviews for later party review.

On a separate note I will ask for knowledge checks next game to determine the base knowledge that all of your characters have about different subjects. IE: if you want to learn about royalty or the history of the island in depth, then I’ll add that info under your overall character knowledge. So just let me know anything you’d want your character to know about the area or the people you’ve met and I’ll add it in after your roll.

(NOTE: Knowledge check roll you make is permanent determination of the subject, unless you study or are otherwise informed by someone else about said previous knowledge check. Source: d20pfsrd/knowledge see Retry on the bottom of the page)


Oh jeeze, all the gifs…

(Drolith’s doesn’t work and Alchemidus’ page doesn’t exist BTW)

Notes about the campaign
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