Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall

Path to Barid

(or it might be known as, how to exclude a cheater)

Adventure Log

6 Hour Session


  • The party headed out on the road to Barid (after ruthlessly murdering some rabbits in their small little cottages in the forest of course)
  • the group had to make a detour according to the wizard in order to obtain his ‘pet rock’ as it were
  • After some general tomfoolery and destruction of property the party found some creatures scurrying about the wizard’s previous home, and with a bit of finagling managed to exterminate the buggers and find the wizard’s rock
  • And after some squabbling with a group of floozies that wanted to take one of the few remaining rooms the group managed to get into an arm-wrestling contest with a burly gentleman
  • After a few heated words the group intimidated them into leaving the inn without causing any further trouble


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