Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall


Jesus I was behind on these logs...


  • Bursting into the tent the party was faced with a confusing scene, Allucard was locked in combat with Creedus.
  • After a brief scuffle the party defeated the Mayor and the King of Southsley fled leaping off the cliff side and gliding away to join his retreating army, whom at this point were fighting a losing battle
  • After an astute observation the group decided to head back to the encampment of the Eastden troops atop the hill in the center of the battlefield but not before they made an astute observation that the field upon which they were fighting turned out to be that of a ruined city.
  • After a bit of digging about in the soot filled earth they found a strange compass, unable to decipher it’s meaning they headed back with the troops to the city
  • Meeting with Ellenor‘s scribe they asked what meaning the compass might have, the steward directed them to Ellenor’s grandmother who sat in a dusty library in front of a fire. She told them the story of wasteland and the compass’s dire importance to their quest
  • Falling asleep in her chair suddenly Ellenor burst into the room demanding answers, “Where did you find that compass?!”
  • The party of course refused to fold to such arbitrary inquiries
  • The queen’s gaze fell upon Merv who shuffled in place attempting to hide his amassed equipment from her piercing eyes, unfortunately all she needed was a glimpse to know that he was gathering the items of Mysmall
  • A fight ensued, the result of which involved impaling the Queen with many a weapon to stop her from hurling Merv across the room
  • After he struck her down the guards rose into a fury attempting to apprehend the group, but to no avail
  • Nadar bought the group time with a well placed darkness casting leaving them the literal window to get out of the keep.
  • Not before they left behind some signatures of their passing of course. (Another potion shop guys? Really?)
  • {Unfinished}


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