Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall


Take them when they least expect it!

Adventure Log

3 Sessions 18-22 Hours


  • While the party pressed on into the dark damp cave the magician that they left behind followed the stains that they had left behind in the murky depths (Nearly to his detriment in several instances)
  • While he made his way to find them, the party found themselves at a fortress wall attempting to gain entry by a show of force they simply managed to scare off one of the guards
  • Nadar managed to sneak his way in using a potion of spider climb to make his way over the wall he lowered the gate and ascended to the ceiling in order to get behind the group of guards that were approaching the party, all of whom made their way inside and hid behind nearby cover
  • Taking the most advantage of the situation they managed to get the drop (in Nadar’s case quite literally) on the large group of guards eliminating them quite efficiently
  • After their elimination the searched the guards outpost and pressed on, to find that another group of guards had been warned and set up a barricade blocking their way forward.
  • After meeting this resistance the group heard a cry from a nearby chasm, it was the wizard! He had found his way to the party! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…
  • Exhausted and not wishing to push their luck the group settled down to rest.
  • Two party members came down with illnesses caught while traversing the sewers
  • Performing an impromptu surgery the ‘main character’ of the group managed to prolong Vittora’s disease from advancing in lethality with some help from Mork
  • This of course took due time, and after four days of squatting in the guards outpost they managed to press on, but not without their due opposition
  • Met with another bear-accade and some due force on the other side the group killed all that stood in their way clearing out the first floor they managed to settle in make some “stew” (if that’s what you’d like to call it), bath and get otherwise prepared for what was ahead.


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