Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall

Wiki updates

Some pictures and descriptions posted!

Take a peek around guys there are a few new wiki pages and some changes to other wiki pages, note that most PC’s are lvl 3 at this point so come prepared to level up next session. :)

Note: I’m adding sentimental items to the wiki currently, if there is anything that your character has that is important based on it’s memory to attached to it make sure to let me know.

Adventure log will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow night, be sure to read it before you guys come in on Wednesday.

(P.S If there are any pictures missing let me know I went through and deleted some duplicates from the database, so it might have gotten a little messed up, so just shoot me a text or a message here if you notice anything.)


kg4m3l0v3 kg4m3l0v3

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