Canid Goddess of Unity, Order, and Justice.


tumblr_mtvd0dkfiF1qzn43zo1_400.gifHenosis [Canid Goddess]
Lawful Good

Henosis is the eldest of the remaining Gods. She presides over unity, order, and justice. Kings and queens tend to pay tribute to her, along with those working for the guard or army. She is a merciful Goddess who is calm and wise. She tends to mettle in the affairs of mortals when things become truly and unfavorably unjust. She commands her followers to do the following:

  • Bring those beside you closer, for unity gives mortal men strength.
  • Follow the laws of your kings and queens, revolt only when you have tried things in an orderly fashion.
  • Do not be swift with actions or justice, everyone is to be heard and tried.

Symbols of Henosis

Some symbols of Henosis include:

◦ Coin with Balanced Scale on it

◦ Circle with Tiara in Middle



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