Dragon Goddess of Fire, Earth, and Life


dragon.gif Pyr [Dragon Goddess]
Lawful Good

Pyr is the only non-humanoid God. She rules over fire, soil and earth, and growth (life). Dragons were created in her image but quickly run out of civilization due to fear of their power. Pyr is the only God able to create other races, and since dragons where exiled during World Chaos she has since then created Dragonborn and Apeps. She is also a quiet and secluded Goddess, seldom to venture out and meddle in any affairs not belonging to her dragon and lizard kin. Those who follow her follow these beliefs:

¨ Fire is a gift; use it wisely in both life and combat.

¨ Mortals only have one plane they can peacefully exist on, treat it with respect.

¨ Life is meaningful, grow to your full potential and treat life as precious.

Symbols of Pyr

Some symbols of Pyr include:

◦Golden Egg with Gem in Middle

◦Ball of Fire




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