Orc Goddess of Lava and Crafting


crafting_table_by_mixlou-d6zbfpr.gifSidero [Orc Goddess]

Sidero is the Goddess of lava, metalsmithing, and weaving/clothing. She is not aligned to anyone and barely meddles with the affairs of anyone as to not throw off the balance of mortals. Crafters worship her and follow her commands:

¨ Fire is a gift to mortal men, use it in your crafts and control the force of molten metal.

¨ Find strength in your tools, they are an extension of one’s self.

¨ Keep your clothing intact and cared for, they represent who you are to others.

Symbols of Sidero

Some symbols of Sidero include:

◦Hammer and Anvil

◦Needle and Thread

◦Volcano/Overflowing Volcano



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