Teifling Goddess of Shadows, Trickery, and Beauty


14-ways-to-trip-without-taking-lsd-1.gif Skiora [Tiefling Goddess]
Chaotic Neutral

Skiora is the youngest of the remaining Gods and Goddesses. Neglected as a younger God, she began to preside over beauty, shadows, and trickery. She meddles with the lives of mortals only for her own gain or amusement. Thieves and other dark creatures follow her and seek her guidance with their acts. She wills the following:

¨ Find or create beauty within yourself, it will get you far.

¨ Have a good laugh; play tricks with and on the people around you.

¨ Bring darkness to the world around you; the shadows are your tool.

Symbols of Skiora

Some symbols of Skiora include:


◦Wispy Smoke

◦Doubled Shadow



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