Feylynx Goddess of Art, Magic and Death


death_rebirth.gif Thangea
[Feylynx Goddess]

Chaotic Neutral

Thangea is the Goddess of the afterlife and death, art, and magic. Being the Goddess of death and magic, she tends to meddle with the affairs of mortals often. Many commoners see cats as a sign that death is coming. Mages and artists worship her, while healers and the sick tend to pray to her. Her commands are as so:

¨ Find beauty or art around you in the world and capture it.

¨ Magic is the means to the future of the world. Study it and lead your people to greatness.

¨ Death is not the end, when it comes to you, embrace it.

Symbols of Thangea

Some symbols of Thangea include:


◦Thread and Scissors

◦Paintbrush and Palette

◦Glowing Staff



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