Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall

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  • Bursting into the tent the party was faced with a confusing scene, Allucard was locked in combat with Creedus.
  • After a brief scuffle the party defeated the Mayor and the King of Southsley fled leaping off the cliff side and gliding away to join his retreating army, whom at this point were fighting a losing battle
  • After an astute observation the group decided to head back to the encampment of the Eastden troops atop the hill in the center of the battlefield but not before they made an astute observation that the field upon which they were fighting turned out to be that of a ruined city.
  • After a bit of digging about in the soot filled earth they found a strange compass, unable to decipher it’s meaning they headed back with the troops to the city
  • Meeting with Ellenor‘s scribe they asked what meaning the compass might have, the steward directed them to Ellenor’s grandmother who sat in a dusty library in front of a fire. She told them the story of wasteland and the compass’s dire importance to their quest
  • Falling asleep in her chair suddenly Ellenor burst into the room demanding answers, “Where did you find that compass?!”
  • The party of course refused to fold to such arbitrary inquiries
  • The queen’s gaze fell upon Merv who shuffled in place attempting to hide his amassed equipment from her piercing eyes, unfortunately all she needed was a glimpse to know that he was gathering the items of Mysmall
  • A fight ensued, the result of which involved impaling the Queen with many a weapon to stop her from hurling Merv across the room
  • After he struck her down the guards rose into a fury attempting to apprehend the group, but to no avail
  • Nadar bought the group time with a well placed darkness casting leaving them the literal window to get out of the keep.
  • Not before they left behind some signatures of their passing of course. (Another potion shop guys? Really?)
  • {Unfinished}
Finally, we've got him!
The Mayor Creedus has been cornered at last!

Adventure Log Catch Up

3 Sessions 18-21 Hours Total

  • After some diligent inquiry the party discovered that the mayor was leaving town, and allowing a stand in to watch over the city in his place
  • Displease with their lack of catching the mayor they decided when he announced this in the morning they would confront him and capture him before he had time to get away.
  • And so they did, with a minor set up, during which Nadar Tanol’Tar Killed some of the town guards to aid their escape
  • after some quick moves they manged to capture the mayor and subdue his guards, killing the captain of the guard in the scuffle
  • Escaping with little other resistance the group hid away in the recently cleared out fountain lair. (of which no other towns person had the knowledge of.)
  • After a brief intterogation it was discovered that “the mayor” was merely a decoy, a man dressed up and disguised as the mayor and that Creedus had fled town quite some time ago
  • With little direction to go on the group decided to head for the nearby city of Dalhig in the hopes that they might find him sheltered there
  • Upon arriving at Dalhig the group decided to seek council from a caster, and managed to scry in on the mayor having a meeting with Allucard Draemor
  • With this critical information they hunted down the elusive mayor first stopping in Southsley hoping to gather more information. And hunt down Allucard for harboring their quarry.
  • Discovering that the map they carried drew out alliances between two factions made the group question whether or not they should confront Allucard in the middle of a warzone alone. Or simply take over his keep while he was away.
  • After a might bit of studying by Jim and his ‘assistants’. (One being more distracted by other, much more green things in the library) He managed to find research and old texts detailing the creation of the Sword of Mysmall and it’s parts.
  • Or at least it seemed that way, translating an ancient text doesn’t always work out the best, but he can always look at the pictures!
  • After very little other digging around they instead decided on an alternate route by sea, procuring a boat (by a slight means of force) and heading to Eastden to test their luck there.
  • After some rough seas they managed to dock and ally with the queen of Eastden, Ellenor Dreaeel.
  • They agreed that Allucard and Brothor must both be stopped, and that her troops were already mobilizing to face them to the south of the keep in the wastelands between their cities.
  • After a great clash between the two forces, the adventuring group found themselves approaching the enemy leader’s encampment.
  • After a few quickly and tactfully placed removal of some standing soldiers the group peered through the flaps of the tent to find….
Escape from the underground!
Took you guys long enough...

Adventure Log

6 Hour session

  • After a long arduous journey the group finally found a place that they could truly rest their feet for a little while (I mean they had been inside the enemy’s base of operations for nearly a week now without results and there were more pertinent matters to attend to… cough the mayor cough
  • But the party had their fun, and as they pressed on to look for the mayor they found themselves in his meeting room and were ambushed by more of those foul creatures that seemed to love to attack them, yes it was more creepers
  • After dealing with the pests and heading into what appeared to be the mayor’s hideaway they looted his room and found a spiraling staircase hidden behind his large decorative curtain
  • Reaching the top of the staircase they were met with a device that hindered their progression after a brief pause (and some third degree burns) they managed to press on and found themselves emerging from a fountain!
  • After some strange looks and harsh words from a fountain worker they made off into town, the mayor still eluding their grasp they left in search of their quarry
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Take them when they least expect it!

Adventure Log

3 Sessions 18-22 Hours


  • While the party pressed on into the dark damp cave the magician that they left behind followed the stains that they had left behind in the murky depths (Nearly to his detriment in several instances)
  • While he made his way to find them, the party found themselves at a fortress wall attempting to gain entry by a show of force they simply managed to scare off one of the guards
  • Nadar managed to sneak his way in using a potion of spider climb to make his way over the wall he lowered the gate and ascended to the ceiling in order to get behind the group of guards that were approaching the party, all of whom made their way inside and hid behind nearby cover
  • Taking the most advantage of the situation they managed to get the drop (in Nadar’s case quite literally) on the large group of guards eliminating them quite efficiently
  • After their elimination the searched the guards outpost and pressed on, to find that another group of guards had been warned and set up a barricade blocking their way forward.
  • After meeting this resistance the group heard a cry from a nearby chasm, it was the wizard! He had found his way to the party! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…
  • Exhausted and not wishing to push their luck the group settled down to rest.
  • Two party members came down with illnesses caught while traversing the sewers
  • Performing an impromptu surgery the ‘main character’ of the group managed to prolong Vittora’s disease from advancing in lethality with some help from Mork
  • This of course took due time, and after four days of squatting in the guards outpost they managed to press on, but not without their due opposition
  • Met with another bear-accade and some due force on the other side the group killed all that stood in their way clearing out the first floor they managed to settle in make some “stew” (if that’s what you’d like to call it), bath and get otherwise prepared for what was ahead.
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Adventure Log Catch up

(These events happened over the course of 4 different sessions)
Approximate Hours of play: 24

  • While Nadar and his group disposed of the body Horatia headed off in search of the mayor’s home with Jim, Rokashim, and Gemma. (Even though they were probably the least equipped to infiltrate his residence)
  • Using multiple tactics to infiltrate, Jim melted through the front gates and used his magic in combination with Horatia’s wolf to scare the guards. While Rokashim snuck around to the back entrance and became disguised as one of the guards.
  • Both groups searched in the mayor’s manor for an hours length to no avail, but when Horatia’s group headed upstairs they found the mayor in his bedroom staring into the mirror. Possessing the subtlety of a herd of bulls they opened his door and alerted him of their presence.
  • After some scuffle and hurried escape the group realized that they had scared the mayor out of his residence. There was some mention of an evacuation protocol, but the party, not sure where to start looking decided that breaking back into his manor to gather more information would suffice.
  • After some planning the party decided the easiest way to gather information would be to extract it from one of the guards, so after tailing a night guard to his home to find him a womanizer and a wife beater. The permanently relieved him from duty and learned that the mayor escaped through some sort of escape route in his courtyard.
  • With some surveillance help from Burglor the Fast the party pinpointed a statue of a badger what had a golden apple under it’s paw, Jim identified this as some sort of trigger that might reveal where the mayor had gone.
  • Quickly finding there way back into the mayor’s residence (They really should up security around here) the made there way to his inner courtyard and upon close inspection they found that there was a path into the sewers below
  • After some bumbling they found a mirror that knew everything there was to know about the dungeon, but could only answer in yes or no questions, so carrying it with them they followed it’s zig-zagging instructions until they found themselves into a cavern behind a salt water waterfall (After collecting some of the salt residue for themselves to sell later of course)
  • They picked up a bumbling dwarven bard companion along the way as well (Thomas >→)
  • After some a misguided attempt to (swing ac)cross a chasm in their way, they managed to find a stalagmite that appeared out of place. It revealed a bridge across

*In the meantime the brave adventurer who managed to cross the chasm bumped into someone in the darkness upon trying to regroup with his party a stony creature lashed out at him

  • Upon killing this stony creature, the party continued down an apparent path in the dusty cave floor
Last time!
On Kingdoms of Mysmall!

Adventure Log Catch up

  • We left of our “heroes” who at this point were forced to follow the instruction of Kiasoart the assistant of Etterthall the powerful blue dragon on a quest to find pieces of a sword so they might free their friend and ally Merv from the clutches of a demon’s curse.
  • The party fanned out when they reached Barid with the only instructions from their guide being to seek out the Mayor, as he was last seen with a leather scabbard linked with the properties of the sword hilt
  • Some planned meetings with the mayor in order to directly confront him about the issue, while others found themselves with ‘ways to entertain themselves’ (Spurring the myth that the animal was spotted in Barid)
  • The group became a little sidetracked but were reunited in purpose when the outcast of their group a brawler that had joined them in their quest earlier appeared and started beating up on the eldest of their group, Jim
  • Not wanting to have any of that they quickly pinned down and ended the drunk brawler’s life
  • spinning a quick tale the group explained that the man had a bounty on his head and they left the tavern
  • A small group went to dispose of the body while the circle table kids headed for the mayors house in the hopes of digging up where the scabbard might be
  • Both groups ran into minor troubles as the mayor’s mansion caught fire and the group disposing of the dead body ended up creating a few more on their way to the mayor’s residence
  • As the flames licked the night sky and a cry went out proclaiming that “The Animal” was loose in Barid, and we are left wonding what will happen today in… the Kingdoms of Mysmall!
Path to Barid
(or it might be known as, how to exclude a cheater)

Adventure Log

6 Hour Session


  • The party headed out on the road to Barid (after ruthlessly murdering some rabbits in their small little cottages in the forest of course)
  • the group had to make a detour according to the wizard in order to obtain his ‘pet rock’ as it were
  • After some general tomfoolery and destruction of property the party found some creatures scurrying about the wizard’s previous home, and with a bit of finagling managed to exterminate the buggers and find the wizard’s rock
  • And after some squabbling with a group of floozies that wanted to take one of the few remaining rooms the group managed to get into an arm-wrestling contest with a burly gentleman
  • After a few heated words the group intimidated them into leaving the inn without causing any further trouble
The Potion Heist
Bandits make out with their first score

Adventure Log

3 Hour Session


You guys stole some potions.

The end.

… what?


  • Party convinced the king that they were more helpful than the group of three femme-fatale’s
  • Bear Bearington joined the group, and helped convince the guards that Horatia and Merv were within their rights to duel each other
  • During this distraction Nadar and Rokashim managed to make away with some potions from a now burning shop… very subtle
  • after some healing and a meal at a super Denny’s the party continued on to Barid
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