Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall

Creation of the wiki!
Just getting started

Alright I know that the wiki is a little bare right now but as we play it’ll be filled out with more and more important information that the party discovers, remember it’s nice to know things but be sure to keep it in character, if you forget what your character knows make sure to check the Gained Character Knowledge page to clarify.

Things are shaping up
More wiki pages!

Yay! More pages are being filled! James competed his character page with a simple backstory, and Dorta included his backstory which I may have fiddled with the wording a few places on each of your pages… my bad guys I couldn’t stop myself, let me know if you don’t like it and I can change it back. But on that note there is still time if you guys want to add anything before Wednesday, plus I believe that we’ll have time beforehand as well, considering Connor’s track record for tardiness. Look for more of the land features to be listed soon, hopefully I can scan the map that I have so that everyone has a better idea of what the island itself looks looks like. Of course the map doesn’t include certain things like rivers and such but it has all the major landmarks, so keep a look out for that, as I should be able to upload it soon. I’ll keep you guys updated! Can’t wait for Wednesday!

Some updates :O
Seeeeecret updates...

More updates, but some of these are the kind that you guys won’t be able to see until we play it out. ;) And I don’t even know if you guys will reveal the surprises in our first session but we’ll see tomorrow!

And the score for the first encounter is... Monsters: 4 Party: 6
They did the monster mash!

ba555eedb21a5081a4a6ca1f92eb9d08.jpg Adventure Log:

7 Hour Session

  • The Rogue, Ranger and Sorcerer meet at the open sea, which brings them all to the port town of Barid and after a rough start with a shady character directing the party to join a caravan of mercenaries and keep an eye out for him at the location it arrives.
  • With that seemingly obscure direction they head to the caravan where they meet an annoying bird creature, and wizard who is overly obsessed with the banding of the wagons and it’s wheels as they ride toward an unknown city, oh yeah and there is a gnome but everyone assumes that it’s some sort of bring your kid to work day for one of the other mercenaries.
  • Arriving in Syria they are immediately given the third degree by a Halfling in the mercenaries guild and told to get some rest for the long day ahead, an insect face humanoid shows up at the gates and is late to join the group, he makes it in an insists that this quest is too important to sit still for, not wishing to stay a ‘fortnight’
  • The next day the party is sworn into fealty with the King of Syria (with the exception of the Rogue whole never even went to the mercenaries guild) after which they were swiftly ushered aside by the king’s scribe and offered a more direct quest

Quest: Mercenaries are turning up dead or missing from the Syrian Guild, the king wants you to find the cause

  • With that in mind the party starts their search in the Syrian capital questioning the locals about the disappearances, a couple of members find that there is actually a Dead pool for every member of town including the mercenaries who, as it turns out, don’t have a very long life expectancy around here

*Dismayed at where to head next the group goes to meet at the tavern and are confronted by a ‘drunken’ old man who rambles on about glowing eyes in the graveyard, they head in the direction of the graveyard but aren’t as stealthy as they think they can be, save for the rogue who steals the keys to the church (without the help from his arthropod covered friend)

  • The party struggles to find an exit to the building and in their haste toss their gnome out of the first window they come across, dropping her once but eventually throwing her out into the mud and onto her face
  • Eventually they make their way out into the graveyard and some of the party is immediately spooped by the mist unnaturally weaving in and out of the graves


  • The party is nearly wiped by some spoopy skeletons and zombies, but with three of the members of the party still alive, but barely standing. They search the tomb that they entered, and do some grave robbing and general tomb-foolery to find that one of the recently entombed royal bodies is missing from it’s sarcophagus.
  • Heading outside they are met with a glowing pair of eyes that watches them from atop the graveyard’s decrepit tree, the creature hisses down at them and tosses an orb before disappearing, which awakens the dead of the graveyard, they burst through the door of the church to escape and are met with one of the priests, who immediately barricades the door as the party catches their breath
Beguiling Bumblers Bump into Bloody Big Blue Bear
Say that ten times fast!

Adventure Log:

4 Hour Session

  • After delivering the bad news to the king’s scribe about the party happening in the g-raveyard, they are advised to head towards Sinthrall peak, as it is the only place were they would be able to recruit a cleric to turn the undead released into Syria’s graveyard

Quest: Retreive some Clerics from the top of Sinthrall peak

  • Heading on the road the next morning, the group of 6 passes through the market on the outside of town with the original, and shady, group of three ‘casing’ the stores as they pass through


  • On the first day they stop at a farm and the ‘antman’ compelled to investigate for the sake of his honor stops to talk to one of the farmers, they soon discover that something has been making off with livestock at night, and while this is the objective that the party was attempting to complete the farmer does note that it is getting late, so they decide it’d be best to stay the night and help the man out
  • The ‘antman’ again takes the forefront by setting up a line of tripwires near the fence line, allowing the party to be warned first if anything approaches
  • Nadar Being the crafty drow that he is disguises himself as a sheep by sheering and covering himself with the wool of one, making himself into a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ as it were
  • the night progresses quietly, and on the Nadar’s watch there is shuffling in the woods and the tripwires are rung, as a bear approaches the shed nearby and get’s ready to pounce the sheep in the field the party strikes!
  • After a few moments of fighting to surround the bear and bring it down, the bear makes a break for it, attempting to take a sheep with it, but in it’s haste it failed to notice the ‘antman’ around the side of the shed, and he leaps astride his dire wolf and runs forward to strike plunging his sword deep inside where it sticks, mortally wounding the creature


  • The beast, fatally wounded, flings into a rage and plunges itself into the forest in a final desperate attempt to escape. But with some coordination from the party they bring down the bear and carry it back to the farm
  • Not wishing to kill such a majestic animal, the party learns that the bear’s unusual color matches that of the towns symbol
  • The ‘antman’ and Nagar deliver the creature back to town and leave the scribe with a lack of words, meanwhile the rest of the party tracks down the bears den and find a hunter sprawled out inside, mauled and devoured
  • The party meets up again on the third day and gain heads onto the road to Sinthrall Peak, but halfway through the day they run into an overturned wagon that belongs to the caravan that left not but 4 days ago
The gods are here :O
Wiki Updates

Hey just marking that I added some updates to the wiki, I’d like to note that I found the character sheet dropdown option for your wiki pages, and I started to fill those out for you guys so that you’ll have backups just in case.

-Added ‘God Character Pages’
-Added a page for the stolen necklace
-Edited character sheets on the wiki

See you guys later today! :D

(P.S if you guys notice any misplaced or lacking tags just let me know and I’ll add ’em in.)

Kobolds a plenty!
And you ruthlessly murdered them... good job.

Adventure Log

5 Hour Session


  • The party approached the downed wagons with mid curiosity, what could have cause the wagons to spill over, and where were their occupants?
  • Surprise! They are dead. Kobolds are everywhere!

Quest: Find the source of the missing mercenaries (Are the kobolds the source?)

  • After a brief tussle with the kobolds (More akin to slaughter than a tussle…) the majority of the party heading off to track down where the kobolds came from, The brawler and the The fighter instead heading off to Sinthrall Peak in the hopes of furthering the quest… you know…. the urgent one with the undead threatening to overwhelm the town?
  • With night closing in the party squared off with a set of smaller groups of kobolds one party member decided it best if they stuck up a warning post on the kobold’s footpath, to which the kobolds treading the path became quickly aware of, and troubled the party no longer


  • The whole time Horatia Lupiscus’ dire wolf suffers inner turmoil with its master due to death and pain that his wolf is being forced to inflict on these small dogs… but hey, what can you do? It’s a dog eat dog world out there!
  • After a partial nights rest (due to so many interruptions) the party headed off following the tracks, whereupon they found themselves in a clearing along a overhanging cliff.
  • The tracks ended in an open space with a mossy wall in front of the group and a set of vines hanging from above, Nadar Tanol’Tar thought t best to climb up and see if there was anything above the clearing because Rokashim Galama-Roge’s search of the mossy wall was coming up unfruitful.
  • With some assistance fromNadar managed to vault his way up and grab ahold of the vines, upon reaching the top of the vines Nadar was faced with nothing more than a very pleasant view. From which he could see tracks converging in all different directions to this point
  • Climbing down he decided to take it upon himself to search the mossy wall, searching from left to right he tapped upon the wall, he didn’t go much more than 15 feet along when he found a hollow point. (This happened to be only a 5 foot gap between the space that Rokashim had carved away some moss with his knife) Horatia pushed the thief aside and kicked the space with all his might knocking the small hidden door in and revealing a cavern behind it.
  • Stepping slowly in leading the ‘blind’ part members the thief took a step ahead and peered into the Kobold’s Canine Kennel that was filled with Corroded Copper Cages of Confinement
  • Searching ahead the thief extinguishes the flames he come across hoping to keep himself hidden, but also forgetting that two of his party members Jim and Merv both cannot see the tips of their noses in the dark. Where as the thief could see everything including a Couple of Canine’s Crouched Carefully Close to the Corroded Copper Cages of Confinement in the Cavern.
  • The rest of the party Cautiously Corralled themselves into the now Cramped Cavern when a Considerably Chunky Cave Canine Cantered onto the Colossal Corroded Copper Cage in the Cramped Cavern.
  • The Cramped Characters all found themselves in a Close Quarter Combat with the Canines while in the Confusion the Creature’s Kobold Caregiver Quickly Cut a Concealed Course across the Cavern Cliff.

(Okay enough of that)

  • The Characters Crushed the Canines and Chased Cautiously after the Creature’s Kobold….. handler…. they went down the hall and followed the handler
  • The party came across an intersection in the hallway with some underwhelming traps laid out, a simple covered pit and some very obvious tripwires.
  • Leading the group on the stumble upon a kobold keeping watch over a doorway the thief, not wishing to step into an ambush, turned around and met the party back by the pit, motioning them to follow him up the other side of the hall
  • Met with a steep incline the rouge pressed on to find a pair of windows that pointed into the hall, looking through the first he saw a pool of water, “Strange,” he thought “those tripwires weren’t connected to anything. Maybe this is a bathhouse?”
  • But his suspicions were proven false when he stepped forward to find the second window’s view occupied by a pair of reptilian eyes, as a lever clicked and a hatch opened above Nadar’s head

The DM’s thoughts just moments before: Dorta says: “These kobolds must not know how to set up traps” T says: “Yeah I thought that kobold’s were legendary trapmakers” … my ass they don’t know how to set up traps, you’ll see what type of traps they have…

  • Stumbling and slipping Jim, Nadar, and Rokashim all fall into the previously revealed pit to discover it’s filled with water, the rest of the party (either unable or unwilling to help the three of them from the pit) turn and go to the hall that Nadar saw the kobold leave through
  • The slippery soaked saps, found the water to be deeper than it first appeared when they lit a sunrod. Using it to light their way they swam through the underwater cave which emerged them though the other side into the “bathhouse”
  • They took some pot shots at the kobold one of which stuck itself in the kobold’s shoulder as he ran out the door
  • Leaving the room and halls together respectively the two group reconvened in the room over, a dinning hall of sorts. (Though it smelled more like a dump than a dinning hall) Nadar continued to blind his party mates, with some assistance from Rokashim this time as well.
  • The party revealed a half dozen kobolds scattered under tables in the dinning hall which they slew upon sight
  • Continuing to extinguish the torches the party continued into a hallway where they were met with double doors and the commotion of more than a dozen kobolds behind it
  • Next thing you know the party prepares to commit genocide…
  • Nadar and Merv push a barrel into the room, Nadar then proceeds to encloak the group in darkness, firing a bolt soaked in oil at the rolling barrel from their cover in the all encompassing darkness. He then continues to fires pot shots at the kobolds who dare to approach the barrel in an attempt to put it out.
  • After the barrel explodes the group fires projectiles at the kobold women and children as they flee out the back of the room…. it is a massacre….
  • Meanwhile in an act of karma Rokashim and Horatia both fall through the floor and are attacked by several kobolds including the trap-master from before who snickers and calls for their heads on spears
  • After a brief, and very well handled fight the duo take down the group of kobolds and the party reunites heading through the room and a secret door that places them in the middle of an intersecting hallway…
Notes about the campaign
Watch out for bonus xp out the arse :3

Hey just so you guys know, there will be a large adventure log to recap when you meet a major crossroads in the storyline, during which I will recap everything that has happened along with the number of quests/opportunities you capitalized on along with those you missed out on. Passing out XP to characters that completed certain quests or facilitated major roles in events. (There might be MVP votes for this when it comes around to it)

These overviews will be posted in the Campaign Chapter Overviews for later party review.

On a separate note I will ask for knowledge checks next game to determine the base knowledge that all of your characters have about different subjects. IE: if you want to learn about royalty or the history of the island in depth, then I’ll add that info under your overall character knowledge. So just let me know anything you’d want your character to know about the area or the people you’ve met and I’ll add it in after your roll.

(NOTE: Knowledge check roll you make is permanent determination of the subject, unless you study or are otherwise informed by someone else about said previous knowledge check. Source: d20pfsrd/knowledge see Retry on the bottom of the page)

There are dragons about guys...
And they aint happy with you

Adventure Log

7 Hour Session


  • As the party approached a ladder down one of the hallways they soon realized that it would be awfully hard for a dire wolf to climb through such a narrow space, so they explored the only other option
  • They found themselves on a cliff with kobold mannequins, and after some exploring the found themselves back in the hallway that had given themselves so much trouble before, still covered in oil. (They had been walking in circles and nobody had been drawing a map)
  • Stuck on what to do the party pondered for a moment. Stopping to rest for the night in the self closing room, and upon waking, attempted to clamber up the ladder.
  • They tied off the wolf and, as a join effort, attempted to pull the horse sized beast through the space above. Which, after some near tumbles, and almost pulling the wolf sideways through the hole, they managed hoist him up and press on
  • Met with another intersection the party turned to the right and found themselves in a crude penitentiary, with bars made with the same corroded metal as before.
  • There they found the gnome and the brawler, what were they doing there? They obviously couldn’t contend with kobolds… (kinda sad when you think about it)
  • Staring deep into the half-elf’s eyes Nadar approached the bars of their confinement looking the pitiful creature down with his disconcerting gaze, the brawler stared at him back with fire in his eye. (rolling a “crit” on his sense motive check and intimidate check)
  • But they were accompanied by another figure, a mysterious ninja was in captivity with their fellow party members. Rokashim approached the bars and went to open the door, only to be harshly grabbed by the woman, “Don’t… touch… the door.”

“Why not?” the illusionist replied, his hand withdrawn from the handle

The ninja stared deeply into the sorcer’s eyes, “You can open the door if you wish but I can’t guarantee that your friends will survive it.”

  • Nadar scanned the back of the room to spy holes all along the back wall, which with his experience and the hint from the stranger implied were lined with traps. Disabling some of the devices by lodging broken torches into the holes most of the party escaped relatively unscathed, save for the brawler who was graved across the face with a dart as they dived out of the cell
  • Pressing on the party found themselves on a cliff overlooking a throne room with a wall of vines, where Rokashim heard three kobolds speaking in frustrated tones, and the group may have listened to more but the half-elf had already immediately started to walk to the pulley on the opposite end of the room.
  • “What the hell is he doing?!” Horatia nearly shouted before throwing a rock at the back of the idiot’s head, and it cracked across his skull

(It’s safe to say that this is when combat started)

  • Nearly passing out before the fight began the fighter ducked behind the nearest stalagmite and sat out for this encounter, the best dress of the kobolds fled behind his throne (and as it was quickly deduced behind the wall of ivy) after which the party dispatched with the other two kobold fighters with a volley of shots back and forth from the top of the cliff
  • Wishing to descend Horatia tied off a rope at the top of the cliff in order to be able to climb down after which the brawler approached and punched her in the back of the head, which was retaliated with a cut across his chest, “If you aren’t a help to the pack you are a hindrance to the pack.”
  • Walking over Merv immediately attempted to patch the wounded slave, but Nadar approached behind Merv with the same look in his eyes from before, “Are you going to finish that?” he said looking over Merv’s shoulder.

“Finish what?” he replied

“No Nadar,” Horatia called to him, “I know what you intend, but he is still a part of the pack… for now.”

“But he is a clumsy inbred fool. He will only hinder us in our future endeavors…”

“That as it is, I will personally help you the next time he is so careless. If he becomes a problem to us again then I will be the second to condone his death. He only gets one more chance.”

  • Begrudgingly Nadar accepts these terms as they press on with the brawler loaded on the wolf’s back
  • Atel the ever curious gnome pulls down on the pulley that the brawler was investigating before and finds that it pulls away the vines behind the throne
  • After a brief reflection the party decides it would be best not to delve into an area that could be thick with kobolds for all that they know. So they decide to scan the cave for any possible way of patching themselves up (Where is a goddamn treasure trove when you need it?)
  • So using Jim’s amazing talent for finding metal they headed for what they could assume was the treasure room
  • Jim pressed forward up the sloped passage that the ninja had fled through earlier.
  • Not paying attention at first Jim was cut by several very fine metal wires strung across the hallway, and after some short deducting the party realized that the gnome would be the perfect height to avoid the kobold’s traps
  • She then of course proceeded to walk across the room and to the door that the metal’s source was located to be… to which she stepped through and disappeared
  • And after some initial trepidation the party progressed across the trap filled room (with varying cuts and bruises of course) to find the gnome bouncing atop a bed with her weapons in hand
  • And after some careful extraction of a few coins and gems from other shiny objects in the kobold’s hoard, Horatia noticed a couple of cabinets and had a smashing good time with them to find a few potions that the party desperately needed
  • Searching under the bed in the room the party found themselves in company with an angry kobold (who was tired of his head being jumped up and down on) who was hiding a bit more coin under the bed
  • Resting here the party forgot to pick up the brawler (who they had left on the opposite end of the trap room because the wolf couldn’t carry him through the room of traps while simultaneously avoiding them as well) and he was well and gone by morning
  • Heading back to the throne room they party head through the ivy curtain
  • It was there that they encountered a fearsome blue dragon who was furious with them at first for killing a great number of her kobolds, but she quickly warmed up to them when she realized what was in Merv’s possession and gave her name to the party along with a true explanation of the amulet’s hidden power
  • no longer wishing them harm the dragon stepped forth and called her servant through a skrying pool of gold, and he proceeded to escort them back to Syria
  • They were walking for a day or so when they mat upon a fork in the road, the wizard then stepped to take the fork back to the city of Barid

“Where are we going?” called Horatia

“To Barid, we must collect the other pieces of the sword.”

The party stopped walking and exchanged confused looks, “What sword?” Rokashim chimed up

The wizard turned, “You mean you haven’t even collected the hilt yet?”

The look on the group’s face confirmed this

  • They then walked to Syria as night fell, and as they approached the keep they noticed a lot of resources that were once in the keep had been allocated outside of the gate
  • Entering with the ‘cleric’ in their party, the ‘cleric’ imdiately headed towards the great hall. Upon entering, (and some very rude battering of the scribe) they obtained the hilt, but not before the party made the wizard swear to help them cleanse the undead from the city
  • So with some flashy magic the wizard did just that, save for a group of 8 undead, “This will make for a good test…” he said ominously


  • Stepping out from the darkness come the figure of the king and queen’s skeletons
  • After some tussling with the undead the party figured out that it was truly Merv’s test to defeat the king and queen, and he finished each of the monsters with one final blow
  • And then party broke into the mercenary’s guild to rest
Wiki updates
Some pictures and descriptions posted!

Take a peek around guys there are a few new wiki pages and some changes to other wiki pages, note that most PC’s are lvl 3 at this point so come prepared to level up next session. :)

Note: I’m adding sentimental items to the wiki currently, if there is anything that your character has that is important based on it’s memory to attached to it make sure to let me know.

Adventure log will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow night, be sure to read it before you guys come in on Wednesday.

(P.S If there are any pictures missing let me know I went through and deleted some duplicates from the database, so it might have gotten a little messed up, so just shoot me a text or a message here if you notice anything.)


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