Gained Character Knowledge

This is where character’s knowledge check findings are recorded, remember, once you have made a check you can’t make another without extensive research. Making each knowledge check more of a one time thing when you are away from someplace you might conduct such research.

Knowledge your character might know something about but hasn’t need to recall yet is listed in italics with the possible insight bonus it would provide.

Brownie Points: A successful knowledge check might hinge on how well you can come up with a short story about your background, hinting as to why you might recall such information from your past.

Rumors heard in Syria:
Syrian Rumors

Rumors Heard in Barid:
The Animal

Party Knowledge:

Nadar the Rogue:

  • Drow race, culture, and land (Southern Potalimni) +1 to 10

Merv the Ranger:

  • Woods, proper escort routine, and human manerisms +1 to 10

Rokashim the Illusionist:

  • Shadow plane, rare ingredients, and Umbral dragons +1 to 10

Horatia the Samurai:

  • Warrior’s honor, wolves/ dogs, and insectiod creatures +1 to 10

Tim the Wizard:

  • METAL +9001

Gemma the Fighter:

  • Siege weapons +1 to 10

Mark the Rouge:

  • Guard proceedures +1 to 10

Vittora the Sorceress:

Gained Character Knowledge

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