Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall

4 Adventure logs in one! :O

Sloth is my vice

Adventure Log Catch up

(These events happened over the course of 4 different sessions)
Approximate Hours of play: 24

  • While Nadar and his group disposed of the body Horatia headed off in search of the mayor’s home with Jim, Rokashim, and Gemma. (Even though they were probably the least equipped to infiltrate his residence)
  • Using multiple tactics to infiltrate, Jim melted through the front gates and used his magic in combination with Horatia’s wolf to scare the guards. While Rokashim snuck around to the back entrance and became disguised as one of the guards.
  • Both groups searched in the mayor’s manor for an hours length to no avail, but when Horatia’s group headed upstairs they found the mayor in his bedroom staring into the mirror. Possessing the subtlety of a herd of bulls they opened his door and alerted him of their presence.
  • After some scuffle and hurried escape the group realized that they had scared the mayor out of his residence. There was some mention of an evacuation protocol, but the party, not sure where to start looking decided that breaking back into his manor to gather more information would suffice.
  • After some planning the party decided the easiest way to gather information would be to extract it from one of the guards, so after tailing a night guard to his home to find him a womanizer and a wife beater. The permanently relieved him from duty and learned that the mayor escaped through some sort of escape route in his courtyard.
  • With some surveillance help from Burglor the Fast the party pinpointed a statue of a badger what had a golden apple under it’s paw, Jim identified this as some sort of trigger that might reveal where the mayor had gone.
  • Quickly finding there way back into the mayor’s residence (They really should up security around here) the made there way to his inner courtyard and upon close inspection they found that there was a path into the sewers below
  • After some bumbling they found a mirror that knew everything there was to know about the dungeon, but could only answer in yes or no questions, so carrying it with them they followed it’s zig-zagging instructions until they found themselves into a cavern behind a salt water waterfall (After collecting some of the salt residue for themselves to sell later of course)
  • They picked up a bumbling dwarven bard companion along the way as well (Thomas >→)
  • After some a misguided attempt to (swing ac)cross a chasm in their way, they managed to find a stalagmite that appeared out of place. It revealed a bridge across

*In the meantime the brave adventurer who managed to cross the chasm bumped into someone in the darkness upon trying to regroup with his party a stony creature lashed out at him

  • Upon killing this stony creature, the party continued down an apparent path in the dusty cave floor


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