Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall

Finally, we've got him!

The Mayor Creedus has been cornered at last!

Adventure Log Catch Up

3 Sessions 18-21 Hours Total

  • After some diligent inquiry the party discovered that the mayor was leaving town, and allowing a stand in to watch over the city in his place
  • Displease with their lack of catching the mayor they decided when he announced this in the morning they would confront him and capture him before he had time to get away.
  • And so they did, with a minor set up, during which Nadar Tanol’Tar Killed some of the town guards to aid their escape
  • after some quick moves they manged to capture the mayor and subdue his guards, killing the captain of the guard in the scuffle
  • Escaping with little other resistance the group hid away in the recently cleared out fountain lair. (of which no other towns person had the knowledge of.)
  • After a brief intterogation it was discovered that “the mayor” was merely a decoy, a man dressed up and disguised as the mayor and that Creedus had fled town quite some time ago
  • With little direction to go on the group decided to head for the nearby city of Dalhig in the hopes that they might find him sheltered there
  • Upon arriving at Dalhig the group decided to seek council from a caster, and managed to scry in on the mayor having a meeting with Allucard Draemor
  • With this critical information they hunted down the elusive mayor first stopping in Southsley hoping to gather more information. And hunt down Allucard for harboring their quarry.
  • Discovering that the map they carried drew out alliances between two factions made the group question whether or not they should confront Allucard in the middle of a warzone alone. Or simply take over his keep while he was away.
  • After a might bit of studying by Jim and his ‘assistants’. (One being more distracted by other, much more green things in the library) He managed to find research and old texts detailing the creation of the Sword of Mysmall and it’s parts.
  • Or at least it seemed that way, translating an ancient text doesn’t always work out the best, but he can always look at the pictures!
  • After very little other digging around they instead decided on an alternate route by sea, procuring a boat (by a slight means of force) and heading to Eastden to test their luck there.
  • After some rough seas they managed to dock and ally with the queen of Eastden, Ellenor Dreaeel.
  • They agreed that Allucard and Brothor must both be stopped, and that her troops were already mobilizing to face them to the south of the keep in the wastelands between their cities.
  • After a great clash between the two forces, the adventuring group found themselves approaching the enemy leader’s encampment.
  • After a few quickly and tactfully placed removal of some standing soldiers the group peered through the flaps of the tent to find….


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