Warring Kingdoms of Mysmall

Things are shaping up

More wiki pages!

Yay! More pages are being filled! James competed his character page with a simple backstory, and Dorta included his backstory which I may have fiddled with the wording a few places on each of your pages… my bad guys I couldn’t stop myself, let me know if you don’t like it and I can change it back. But on that note there is still time if you guys want to add anything before Wednesday, plus I believe that we’ll have time beforehand as well, considering Connor’s track record for tardiness. Look for more of the land features to be listed soon, hopefully I can scan the map that I have so that everyone has a better idea of what the island itself looks looks like. Of course the map doesn’t include certain things like rivers and such but it has all the major landmarks, so keep a look out for that, as I should be able to upload it soon. I’ll keep you guys updated! Can’t wait for Wednesday!


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