Elf god of Plants, Animals, and Fertility


Aconie [Elf God]


Aconie is the first male child to be born from Miteria. He picked up his mother’s talents as a child and expanded upon them. Aconie presides over plants, reproduction and fertility, and hunting. He is the cleverest of the remaining Gods and anyone working or involved with nature looks up to him. He wishes his followers to do the following:

  • Nature is beautiful but also dangerous; know your natural surroundings and use them to your advantage
  • The wonders of nature are here to serve you, participate in the hunt.
  • Family is precious; protect them and others who act under the power of love.

Symbols of Aconie

Some symbols of Aconie include:

◦ Pomegranate

◦ Bow and Arrow crossed over one another

◦ Large Willow Tree

◦ Deer with Large Antlers



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