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  • Barid

    The port city of Barid founded by the continent of Corinthia. It's current mayor is [[:mob | Creedus Illidicus]]. The symbol of Barid is [[The Badger | The Badger]].

  • Southsley

    Settled by the elves to the south in Potalimni, this city was founded as an emissary of the high elves will, born of good intent, it has grown in influence on the[[Island of Mysmall | Island of Mysmall]]. Currently ruled by [[:loss | Allucard Draemor]]. …

  • Eastden

    This city was originally founded by Corinthia to further bolster trade with the dwarven mainland continent of Kosdia. Currently ruled by [[:moe | Ellenor Dreaeel]]. It is the twin city to [[Southsley | Southsley]].

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