Island of Mysmall

Location and Features:

The island of Mysmall is a very small island, only a mere ~60 miles wide at it’s center. It is mostly used as a stopover for trading vessels located conveniently between the continents of Corinthia, Kosdia, and Potalimmi it serves it’s purpose well when it comes to assisting outside parties in trade.

Eons ago this island was formed by the converging islands of Cricksaw and Lumanrite each keeping their original features albeit one exception, for where they met a small mountain range was formed and was named the Crickrite Range after the island’s former titles.


The first settlers of this island we understandably elven and dwarven, as each made their homes on the islands that formed Mysmall, the elves settled in Lynborne Carr and Lonmoor Carr. While the dwarves settled in Dalhig along the side of the Crickrite Range.

But not soon after the island was formed did man claim territory here, first came the men from the continent of Corinthia in the west they were the founders of the ports in Barid and Eastden. Their people also settled in Syria in the hopes of better maintaining a relationship with the elves to the north of the island.

The dwarven travelers from Kosdia soon made Eastden their home, as they were much closer to the city than the southward elven travelers from of Potalimmi.

Potalimmi decided it best if they weren’t associated with Kosdia’s Easteden port, and settled a port town of their own in order to make things easier for themselves. Naming their new city Southsley.

Island of Mysmall

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