Super Denny's

The finest of chain inn dinning on the island of Mysmall.


You can order off of their menu which has the following on it:
(Prices are listed in this format GP:SP:CP)


  • Duck stew 0:7:5
  • Pork stew 1:0:0
  • Smoked Trout and Curd Cheese 1:2:5
  • Boiled Sausage and Asparagus 1:7:5
  • Roasted Beef and Leeks 2:2:5
  • Lamb and roasted onions 2:5:0
  • Chicken Mulberry Tart 2:5:5
  • Brown Sugar Beef and Chips 2:7:5
  • Baked Venison and Leek 3:2:5
  • Poached Grouse and Curd Cheese 3:7:5
  • Baked Bear and Barley Biscuits 6:5:0
  • Dragon’s Breath Pie 10:0:0

[Entrées come with choice of drink, along with salad and bread per table.]


  • Almond Pudding 1:7:5
  • Strawberries in Snow 0:5:0
  • Bread Pudding 2:0:0
  • Apple Muse 1:2:5


  • Tankard of Bitter, Cider, Mead, Milk, Juice, or Water
  • Glass of Whiskey, Wine, Sweetwater, Milk, Juice, or Water

[Refills 0:7:5 for Tankards, 0:5:0 for glasses]

Note that the prices are very exorbitant, to the point of being overpriced, but the quality is eerily consistent… you will no doubt find the same greasy food at every Super Denny’s.

Unlike regular Denny’s however Super Denny’s provides a place to sleep for their customers if they wish, and they are one of the only major competing Inn chains, the only other major one being the Bountiful Badger.

Super Denny's

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